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Why Volunteering Programs are no longer just for Large Companies

Employee Volunteer Programs are no longer only for large companies!
With the latest generation of cloud-based solutions, any sized company can now afford a great employee volunteering platform.


Why You Should Watch:

The impact volunteerism has on the workplace provides an important incentive to human resources departments. Studies show:

  • Engaged employees produce 60% more than you pay them, while disengaged employees produce 50% less.
  • Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Fortune all rate employee volunteering as the most effective HR benefit which impacts employee engagement.

In this webinar you will hear from Scott Morris, Executive Vice President and CHRO at Singularity University, an organization with 140 employees. You’ll learn how they plan to change their community impact through employee volunteering. Gaurav Bhattacharya, CEO of InvolveSoft, will share with you how volunteerism can increase employee retention, lower recruiting costs and drive more engagement.

Hosted By:
Scott Morris

Executive Vice President (CHRO)
Singularity University

Gaurav Bhattacharya

Chief Executive Officer




Wednesday, December 6, 2017



9:00 Pacific Time
12:00 Eastern Time
17:00 GMT



1 Hour