Use Gamification to help solve your corporate volunteering challenge - getting participation!

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Why Use Gamification?

Fortune 500 brands such as McDonald's, Adobe, NBC, Ford, and Nike use gamification to reach and retain customers. If you participate in Southwest Airlines Frequent Flyer Program, you’re earning points every time you fly. Wearable tech from Nike gamified exercise and helped motivate over 5 million athletes to beat their personal fitness goals.

Volunteerism programs can be gamified, too. Through gamification, an ordinary office volunteer program can be transformed, by making volunteer tasks more rewarding, developing a buzz of excitement around the office, forming a deeper engagement with employees, and encouraging friendly competition.

Who is using Gamification?

One of InvolveSofts clients – a leading manufacturer of eyeglasses – is passionate about volunteerism in support of their mission to improve quality of life through clearer vision. Their employees help provide new glasses and vision tests to underprivileged kids around the world. Through gamification, they've applied an extra layer of motivation to their employees. With a simple point system, volunteers earn rewards based on their hours of participation, the degree of commitment, and social media sharing. For example, points can be obtained for posting a simple volunteer event photo on Instagram. This task promotes the mission and its altruism though raising awareness of the plight of poor children with vision problems.

How can we start?

Gamification can create healthy competition among employees and is rewarded by the organization through gifts and special privileges for winners. Given the noise and distraction that surrounds our daily lives, gamification is more popular than ever at creating a system that fuels participation in a wholesome way. If you’re considering gamification to fuel your employee’s participation, consider these basic principles for success:

  • Create a culture of cooperation, don’t force participation
  • Appoint an Administrator to govern point values and fairness in scoring
  • Points earned should equate to the length and degree of involvement
  • Employees may form teams or earn for solo volunteering
  • Make the rules clear
  • Don’t make the game too simple or the tasks too basic
  • Make point systems visible with a leaderboard to inspire competition; however, be cautious not to shame people with lower scores
  • Redeem points for company swag, paid-time-off, or other relevant rewards
  • Tracking hours, communications and social sharing can all be done within the InvolveSoft platform to validate scoring data

About InvolveSoft

InvolveSoft makes it easy to search for volunteer programs from tens of thousands of local event choices, as well as create corporate community events. Through a single, simple application, vetted volunteer events can be identified, promoted, managed and tracked. Sign-ups are done within the system, without requiring you to leave the site; all reducing effort and error. What was complex and tedious is now simple and more effective. Our average increase in program participation exceeds three times the prior levels.

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